Exceptional Homes, Exceptional Clients, Exceptional Guests

Short Term Rental Start-up

Site inspection Start up checklist Evac plan & city permit Onboard local hosting team Market analysis & seasonal rate plan Publish listing on Airbnb & VRBO Go-live support (3 months) ____________________________________ ADDITIONAL START UP COST: Yearly inspection & permit Professional listing photos Evacuation Plan (if blue prints are not available) Deep cleaning, if required

Local Hosting Support

Maintain listing Manage rates & availability Manage reservations Manage guest communications Schedule cleaning team Publish guest reviews Manage linen and supply inventory Escalate emergencies ____________________________ ADDITIONAL HOSTING COST: Cleaning supplies Guest supplies & amenities

Market your Investment

Design & publish marketing website Host website and procure domain Optimize for Google Search Connect social media accounts Manage social media monthly campaign

Are you Ready to Begin Your Hosting Journey?